What to expect

New pool construction process


The first step to building your pool is to provide a detailed survey of your lot. We will use this to look for setbacks, note access, utilities, and determine the dimensions of your home and lot. After we discuss what you are looking for and your design preferences, we will get to work on the perfect design for you and your backyard.

Permitting And Engineering

Once we receive approval, we will begin the behind-the-scenes work of submitting the design to our engineer. Once the engineering is complete, the necessary permits will be pulled for residential pool construction per Florida law and the county you live in. This step is completed before any construction begins.

Layout, Dig, And Steel

Now the exciting part! We will do a quick sweep to remove all grass and vegetation from the backyard will be done before staking the pool out with form boards. These boards are set with great care to ensure the layout matches your approved design.

Once the boards are set, our crew will carefully dig and hand-trim your pool. This process is reliant on soil and weather conditions. Most of the dirt excavated will be hauled away, and any leftover dirt is intentional for future stages of your project. The next step is to install the structural steel, which creates the backbone of your pool.

Gunite/ Shotcrete


Using a mixture of sand, rock, cement, and water, a pressurized hose will shoot around the steel grid to form the pool shell. This is where things start to take shape! Once the application is complete, the pool will cure for a few days before removing the form boards. You may notice water accumulating at the bottom of the shell. This is normal! We will pump out any standing water before the plaster process.


This step includes excavating the yard around the pool to install plumbing lines from the main drains, returns, jets, and other water features you may have. These lines carry the water back to your pump, filter, heater, and any other optional equipment you may have chosen.

Tile & Coping

The tile you chose back in the design phase will now be carefully placed and leveled along the inside perimeter of your pool and spa. Next, the coping is installed on the top edge of the pool beam and grouted to create a seamless look. The process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on the size and intricacy of the job.


If necessary, whether for retaining purposes or a future screen, a footer will be the first part of the decking process. Form boards will be placed along the perimeter of the deck to guide the concrete that will become your footer. Of course, the most popular decking option is pavers. Whether concrete or natural stone, each paver will be hand-laid one at a time, all of the borders will be cemented in place, and then all the joints will be sanded.

Additional Features

Additional features, such as kitchens, fireplaces, fire pits, etc., will be built at this point. The process and timeframe for these items vary depending on size and intricacy

Electrical / Gas Hook Up

A licensed electrician will install all electrical components specific to your pool and provide a safety bonding. The county will inspect this electrical work. Now is also an excellent time to contact your licensed gas contractor to come in to connect any gas lines you may have.


Before the big plaster day, we will carefully prep the concrete surface and cement all fittings. Once everything has been prepped, our plaster crew will apply the chosen finish to your pool shell. Once the plaster is complete, you are ready for water! Please keep the water on until it reaches halfway up the waterline tile.

Fire Up And Orientation

Once your pool is filled up, it’s time to start up the equipment and meet the acid demand. While the pool balances, you may notice some cloudiness; this is normal! During this time, the water is not suitable for swimming as the pH is much lower than your body. Once the pool chemicals are balanced, our pool technician will review all maintenance operations and guide you through using your new pool.

Thank you for choosing us to build the backyard of your dreams!!

"Everything went well, their crew is amazing and did an excellent job. It is absolutely beautiful and we couldn't be happier."

Jim S.

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